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Sedation Dentistry

Scared or anxious about visiting the dentist?

Don’t worry, it’s quite normal to be nervous of your dental appointment… But what if you’re really anxious, and it’s stopping you from getting your teeth done?

Replace your negative feelings with effective results, leaving you smiling and showing off the smile you deserve to have.

Smiles Unlimited offers sedation dentistry to patients who are scared or anxious about their regular dental appointment or who might be concerned about invasive or prolonged procedures.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective procedure in which the patient is offered medication to help them relax during their dental treatment. This is ideally suited to people who are very anxious about dental visits, people with a fear of needles, or people struggling with sensitive gag reflexes.

We recommend sedation dentistry for people who:

  • Are afraid of visiting the dentist
  • Are scared of needles
  • Are unable to sit still for long periods
  • Have a profound gag reflex
  • Have a low pain threshold
  • Are undergoing a long or invasive dental procedure, such as fitting veneers or crowns, wisdom teeth removal and implant placement.
wisdom teeth

What types of Sedation Dentistry are available?

  • IV Sedation (Twilight Dentistry)
  • Inhaled Minimal Sedation (Laughing gas)
  • Oral Sedation (Medication)

It is worth noting that you might not be able to drive or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours after sedation. You are likely to feel drowsy, and it is advised to have someone accompany you during your visit.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Any form of sedation is only administered by a highly qualified and specially accredited dental practitioner. We take the utmost care to prepare the correct dosage and monitor your reaction, and we’ll discuss your medical history before administering any medication.

All dentists at Smiles Unlimited can administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedations, and Smiles Unlimited has an accredited IV Sedation specialist on site to perform IV Sedation dentistry.

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Is dental anxiety stopping you from getting treatment on your teeth?

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past, seen one too many Hollywood movies, or simply have a phobia of going to the dentist. Smiles Unlimited is here to help.

Talk to one of our friendly staff. Our dentist can assess whether you’re a suitable candidate, and we can explain the procedure in full.

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