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New Patient Offer: Free Dental Checkup

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Offer available at Gregory Hills clinic only. To claim this offer use 'Free Dental Checkup' in the Appointment Reason field below or contact through the Gregory Hills page.

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How Your Teeth Affect Your Body’s Health

You may have pondered how much it costs to keep up a healthy smile, but how much does an unhealthy smile cost you? When considering the potential impacts of an unhealthy smile, you think of yellow or crooked teeth, bad breath, or even tooth loss. But a lack of oral hygiene can lead to health …

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Diabetes and Your Oral Health

Diabetes can lead to gum disease, thrush and many other oral health issues. Here's what to do.
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5 Benefits of a Professional Dental Clean

The benefits of dental cleans and how can help you prevent dental damage, other health issues and to save money.
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